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Our Road Trip From Georgia to Oregon

Tomorrow our new summer adventure begins. We fly out of Portland at 10:30 pm, our destination, Rincon Georgia where we will then travel with our son, Dan, to Mt. Hood, Oregon in his and his wife’s new 5th wheeler.

Congratulations to Danny and Amy on their lovely new trailer. May you share great adventures and joy-filled trips.


We arrived in Savannah today and due to unforeseen problems, we will not be ready to start our trek to Oregon until early Monday morning. There are still a few issues to work out with the trailer but the truck is finally ready to pull this beauty.

We spend much of the day grocery shopping and visiting with Dan and Amy. Dan’s has a large and lovely back yard so had to take a few pictures.

And now the cleaning and stocking of groceries and necessities begin.

Oh no. We waited for 2 days for the dealership, Travel Camp, from Jacksonville Florida, to come out to fix problems with the trailer. One day no show and on the second day, early morning turned out to be mid-afternoon. After working on it all day, it was thought that the issues were fixed so we all trotted off to a celebration dinner only to arrive back home and find that nothing worked. What a disappointment to find that the purchase of an expensive item that should have brought great joy to its owners has been fraughty with frustration. Our trip has now been moved back a day.

However, the day wasn’t a total waste in that the restaurant, El Real, in Rincon Georgia was wonderful. The fajitas el real was the best I have ever had. The sauce was unbeatable!

…And because it was a belated birthday celebration for Amy she was given a wonderful dessert which we were all able to share. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!

July 15, 2019

The inverter is out on the camper but supposedly they are going to take an inverter from another trailer then make the 2.5 hour drive back here to install a different one tonight.

Evening update: They came, put in the new converter and traded out the battery again. After that Danny, his Dad and Amy hitched up the trailer to the truck for the first time. Photos are below.

Danny and Amy are going to take it on its maiden test run. It is 9:15 in the evening but Dan is anxious to get the feel of pulling it. At 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning it is going to a garage to have the 5th wheel mechanism lowered, then back home where we will load it to begin our journey.

July 16, 2019

ADVENTURE BEGINS (not really but it was a great plan)

Today was the day, (Supposedly)

We were on the freeway about 100 miles from Rincon, trecking  North to Oregon, but a noise from the truck caused us to turn around and return to Garden City and pay a visit to New Era Automotive.

July 17, 2019

Off again (at least we tried):

…but it wasn’t to be.  Got an early start at around 5:30 am after a wake up call at 4:00.  Shortly after turning onto the freeway, the popping started up again.  We have turned around to trek back to New Era Auto.  We will arrive a bit before the shop opens.

It seems we are losing the ability to be shocked or even upset.  We are beginning to feel resigned to our fate.   What bad luck!

It is extremely humid this morning with a low fog hanging over these low lands which reminds me of Louisiana.  Last night the full moon was a huge, round, orange ball and this morning the ball at dawn was a lovely shade of peach.

We reached New Era Auto and they are looking deeper into the issue.  We know it won’t be a good case scenario.  It is probable that we will leave tomorrow, Thursday, July 18, in the Outback.

Plan B (with fingers crossed):

Tomorrow morning which will be Thursday, July 18, we will leave for Oregon in the Subaru, Outback.

July 18, 2019

This time we are truly on our way, but in the Subaru. 

Brought donuts for people at the New Era shop, removed a few things from the truck snd trailer and then had a nice breakfast at Sunny Side Up. 

Enjoying our visit with Dan, he is a good man. 27610345cc2bbf3a6057cea4015541e2.jpeg

A stop along the way provided a delightful surprise.  See photos below:936402b19d349ac0abad891686c4aca2.jpeg

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